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Bara Manga and Sellia Crystal Tunnels: Life At Best

Bara manga comes from a Japanese jargon term which reflects the genre of art and also is popular in fictional media and comes from a Japanese phenomenon that is limited to western exposure to manga scanlations and homoerotic communities. It faces lots of difficulties in finding western publishers.


It is known as gei comi and also has a niche genre in Japan which is licensed in English and consist of two chapters and is mostly mainstream translated to the Red Blinds the Foolish and which is published in the bara magazine Gekidan and then the few Gengoroh Tagame that is mostly published in French. Although Kuso Miso Technique which is published in 1987 and that is published in Barazoku and that become an internet meme.

Other Media

Novels and memoirs

There is a lot of attention and commercial viability to the gay-themed media and also will increase the number of novels by gay male authors which are dealing with homosexuality in a very autobiographical manner. Here are some of the notable authors including Hiruma Hisao, Nishino Koji and also Ryosuke Hashiguchi and also it is required to work in various films which include A Touch of Fever and Hushi.


There is a number of ero games and also it is aimed at mostly the gay male audience. Commercial games are mostly produced by the subsidiaries of the bishojo games developers and also it produces very less commercial bara games and is also produced with small independent companies. These bara ero games mostly typically consist of visual novels.

Article on Sellia Crystal Tunnels

Sellia Crystal Tunnels are the exceptional boss to the Elden Ring and also contain a couple of cool items which might want you to put your hands on.

Also through the beginning of the Elden ring and you can access the dungeon. However, enemies appear to be ruthless and you have to keep your Lands between.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel Items

It consists of various tunnel items such as cracked crystal, smithing stones, rock blast, Faithful’s canvas Talisman and sombre stone Miner’s Bell Bearing.

How to tackle Sellia Crystal Tunnels

Here is the guide which is going to the approach to the sellia crystal tunnels and gave it to its natural entrance. Here is the entrance which goes to the tunnel that is north of sellia to the town of sorcery in caelid.

So if you are stuck at any point in the platform in the Elden ring then the next step is a little bit tricky. You need to mound to the rocks and still, you need to jump from the land to the roof which consists of a wooden cabin. Then from the roof, you need to jump to the beam so that on the left side you can catch the multiple cuckoo glinstone from the corpse. And then you safely jump down and then next head to the other tunnels. Then you need to go to the foes again. And then trying to build the ladder again.

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