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Changing Windows Appearance: 6 top Tricks

Almost every individual in today’s digitally-driven world uses a computer to perform different activities. Depending on their requirements, individuals choose a computer running on a specific operating system. As per PCMag, Windows OS fares ahead of macOS in numerous aspects, which is why most people choose Windows computers over Macs. 

Even though the appearance of the OS does not affect the performance of computers in a significant way, it indirectly has an impact on their productivity. Hence, it is crucial for users to alter the appearance of their Windows PC every now and then.

This article will list six of the best tricks following which Windows users can alter the appearance of their computer. Let us get started:

  • Customize Icons and Menus

Icons and menus constitute a significant portion of the Windows OS’s appearance. Hence, users should try customizing their appearance to ensure that the OS does not appear dull or monotonous. Thankfully, there are multiple easy ways following which users can get the job done without hassle. 

For instance, users can try using the native functionality to customize the appearance of icons. All they need to do is click on the file or folder whose icon they wish to change, access its properties, navigate to the customize tab, click on the “Change Icon” option, and complete the process by clicking on “Ok: after opting for the preferred icon. 

Besides this, users can also opt to use third-party customization applications for altering the appearance of menus and icons on their Windows PC. For example, Winaero Tweaker houses numerous customization options for users to change the size, appearance, colors, etc., of icons and menus. 

  • Change the Lock Screen Background

All major operating systems offer users the option to change their lock screen’s background. For instance, any macOS user who is wondering how to change lock screen on Mac can do it in multiple ways. The case with Windows OS is similar. The latest versions of Windows OS allow users to select a background of their choice to cover the lock screen. 

To change their lock screen’s background, all users need to do is navigate to the “Lock Screen” section in the Personalization tab under the Settings window, select their preferred background and confirm the changes. Doing so will change the appearance of the lock screen, thereby offering a new and fresh feel to a major aspect of Windows OS. 

  • Set a Fresh Desktop Wallpaper

One of the best ways to customize the appearance of any Windows PC is to change its desktop background. By default, Windows OS features numerous appealing and aesthetic backgrounds. However, there is a simple and easy method following which users can replace the default wallpaper with their preferred one. 

To do so, users need to go to the native Settings application, enter the Personalization tab, click on the section labeled “Background,” and select the required image by clicking on “Picture.” Besides this, users can also opt to create a slideshow of backgrounds by selecting multiple pictures. 

  • Switch to a Different Personalization Mode

By default, the latest versions of the Windows operating system offer two personalization modes, namely the Light Mode and the Dark Mode. As their names suggest, they change the color scheme of backgrounds and other parts of the OS to white and black, respectively. 

To choose either of the modes, users need to open the default Settings app, click on the “Personalization” option, open the section labeled “Colors” followed by the “Choose your color” option and select the Light Mode or Dark Mode option as per their requirements. 

  • Enable or Disable the Transparency Effects

Numerous functional elements of the Windows OS support blur or transparency effects, including the Start menu, taskbar, notification center, etc. However, it is up to the user whether they wish to use it. 

Any user who wishes to enable the transparency effects can do so by opening the Settings app, clicking on the “Colors” tab, and toggling the “Transparency effects” switch to “On.” Similarly, users can turn it off by toggling the switch again. It is a great option using which users can alter the appearance of their computer’s Windows OS. 

  • Set Any Photo as the Account Picture

Users of Windows OS’s latest version get the option to personalize their computer’s user account with their preferred picture. This feature comes in handy when a computer has multiple users. 

To do so, users need to navigate to the “Your Info” section present in the Accounts tab in the Settings app. From there, users can either choose to take a selfie using their device’s webcam or in-built camera or select a picture present on their device. 

The Windows OS is highly versatile and customizable, which is why millions of users around the globe prefer using it over other operating systems. With the aforementioned customization tips, Windows users can easily tweak their Windows OS’s appearance with ease. 

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