The San Francisco, USA-based company Cresta has raised $50 million in a series B round of funding. The company’s latest investment.

Cresta, an artificial intelligence (AI)-a powered platform that gives real-time assistance to assist customer service agents in responding to calls or chat enquiries, has secured $50 million as part of a series B fundraising round.

After a year of explosive growth in which the company’s sales more than quadrupled, the newest investment in the business was headed by Sequoia Capital and included participation from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Allen & Company, and Porsche Ventures was announced recently.

It isn’t easy to draw too many conclusions from any criteria used to measure the increase in revenue in the first year. Still, it is abundantly evident that businesses are hungry for technology that may assist them in improving how they interact with customers.

The Automation Emerging

Contact centres have been shown to be a fruitful area for AI, and a flurry of businesses have emerged to provide their own perspective on how automation may enhance organisations’ interactions with their consumers.

Just today, Uniphore revealed they had received a new investment of $140 million to evaluate emotion and engagement in voice and video-based contacts. At the same time, Talkdesk released a new “human-in-the-loop” AI trainer for call centres.

Cresta is similar to many of these other organisations. Still, it emphasises learning from what the best-performing agents do and then sharing this information with colleagues while also encouraging them with recommended answers.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, the firm made its formal debut a year ago with $21 million in investment. It has already collected a great list of customers, some of which include Intuit, Adobe, and Dropbox.

Cresta has just announced Cresta for Voice, which is aimed at phone-based sales and contact centre teams. Additionally, the previous year, Cresta developed a connection with Amazon Web Services Amazon Connect, a cloud contact service platform.

Contact centres are a fertile field for artificial intelligence, as seen by the proliferation of organisations that have developed to provide their opinions on how automation may improve interactions between businesses and their customers.

Uniphore has announced a new investment of $140 million, while Talkdesk has unveiled a new “human-in-the-loop” AI contact centre trainer. Both technologies are intended to analyse feelings and levels of involvement in Voice and video-based interactions.

The Problem-Solving Solutions

Cresta, the artificial intelligence platform from Expertise that can make any agent into “a 10x agent,” is now accessible to users. Cresta listens in on real-time conversations and provides agents with suggestions, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) for problem-solving, solutions to objections, and guidelines for what to anticipate. Cresta may use this information to evaluate their models concerning those of high performers and then disseminate the techniques that proved to be the most successful across the firm.

The solution also supports automating agent processes at the optimal moment by providing access to the right software tool, automatically filling out a ticket or lead entry, making orders, and carrying out account validation. Cresta boosts its agents by praising and rewarding them for good work practices and by automating routine activities so that they can focus on the things that matter: their engagements.

Cresta is similar to many of these other firms in some respects; however, it emphasises the practices of high-performing agents, disseminating that information to others and encouraging them to implement the solutions given to them. Contact centres need cutting-edge technology if they are to keep pace with the rapidly expanding digital economy.

Eschenbach also said that Cresta offers real-time ideas and recommended replies to sales and service agents, which eventually increases those agents’ productivity and efficiency. We are thrilled to collaborate with Cresta’s exceptional team as they attempt to revolutionise the contact centre business by using their tried and true AI technology.

Comprehensive Solutions

Cresta has just introduced Cresta for Voice, a comprehensive solution for teams using telephones that generates measurable business outcomes in a matter of weeks. Cresta for Voice’s key features includes dynamic reminder triggering for critical agent behaviours that improve business outcomes, real-time agent coaching and assistance during customer phone calls, and quick access to knowledge base answers to speed up the process of answering customer questions. All of these features are designed to improve business outcomes.

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