How To Get Ready For An MRI While In Pain

An MRI is a fantastic way for experts to see what is happening inside your body. It uses very strong magnets to take incredibly detailed images that experts can then look at closely to determine what your medical issue or injury might be. 

However, in order for this to work properly, you’ll need to stay very still for almost twenty minutes. When you are in pain, this can be very difficult, and it might feel as though it’s an impossible thing to do, even though the results will actually be used to reduce your pain. This is why it’s important to get ready for your MRI and to know how to keep yourself as still as you’ll need to be when it takes place. Read on to find out more. 

Use Pain Medication 

Even if you would normally stay away from using pain medication because you want to deal with the problem in a more natural way, when you are having an MRI, it is worth considering taking some medication to help you. This does not have to be prescribed medication unless you feel this would be the most helpful thing – in which case, you will need to speak to your doctor. Instead, you can buy over the counter pain medication that will help you when it comes to the MRI itself. 

The best thing to do is to take the medication about fifteen to twenty minutes before your MRI. In this way, it will have had time to work and still give you the time you need to lie still in relative comfort (at least compared to how you would feel if you hadn’t taken any medication). 

Try Breathing Exercises 

Breathing exercises are a useful tool to help in a variety of different situations in life, from pain relief to de-stressing. If you’ve never tried breathing exercises before, it’s a good idea to practice before your MRI. 

Of course, having an MRI can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve not had one before. The good thing about choosing experts such as Express MRI to carry out the procedure is that they will know how to help you stay calm, and in that way, your breathing exercises should give you enough relaxation to feel less pain and stay still during your MRI. 

Listen To Music 

Although you won’t be able to listen to music in all cases when you are having an MRI, it might be possible in some situations – it will depend on the area of the body you are having scanned. This can help relax you and make you feel a lot less nervous, especially as it will help to drown out the noise of the MRI machine, which can be very loud. 

If you can’t listen to music while you’re having the procedure, listening just before can help lower your blood pressure and make you calmer, which will help you get through the procedure with a lot less discomfort. Some people even feel that listening to music is a great pain reliever, so this could certainly be an added bonus. 

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