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Learn about the most common types of vape devices

The evolution of various types of vapes has led to a number of different devices flooding the market within a short period. You can find the original cig-a-like e-cigarettes as well as highly complex and customizable box mods that most professional vapers use. For example, you can find STLTH Vape Devices & pods that have become quite popular for many vapers. 

Regardless of the vape device you intend to purchase, they all have a couple of similarities. They usually have an atomizer that you can use to heat the e-liquid to turn it into vapor and some sort of battery that can be removable or internal, and a tank to hold the e-liquid. In this article, you will learn about the most common types of vape devices.


Pod mods or pods are considered to be the newest type of vape. Quite often, they combine the mess-free ease of use and simplicity of cig-a-likes prefilled cartridges that have a longer-lasting low wattage battery and an overall vaping experience. This is because they use nicotine salt-based e-liquid. Pod vapes usually come as either open or closed pod systems. With an open pod system, you can manually refill it with any type of nicotine salt e-liquid at least between 4 and 5 times.

On the other hand, a closed pod is a disposable vape cartridge that you cannot open and refill. It offers the highest level of convenience, though some people are worried about its environmental impact. Thankfully, STLTH pods can be recycled to keep them out of landfills.

A vape pd is suitable for new vape users, particularly if you intend to switch to vaping from cigarettes. A pod also offers higher strengths of nicotine because of the nicotine salt e-liquid. And, the use-friendly setup often makes the transition easy. A pod device comes in button-activated and draw styles, but your choice can depend on your preference. 

You should note that a pod device usually has a shorter battery life than a mod. But they are often at par with many vape pens when it comes to vapor production and longevity. The quality of vape pods and devices also vary significantly, so you need to find a reputable brand. 

Cigar-a-likes and vape pens

Cig-a-likes are quite simple when you compare to the other vape devices and happened to be the first products that were launched in the vape market. In most cases, they tend to be small and look like real cigarettes. Many e-cigarettes have a cartomizer, battery, and an LED light to resemble a cigarette’s lit end. They are usually draw-activated and come with no button to press. 

Rather than having separate flavor cartridges and atomizers, many cig-a-likes can have a cartomizer that combines the two items into one. With disposable cig-a-likes, you can swap out the cartomizer when it’s empty while you can reuse refillable cartomizers. But refillable cartridges require replacing the wicking material when it’s used up. 

No doubt, cig-a-likes are great devices for first-time vape users because they are easy and simple to use. Also, they are not expensive when you compare them to more complex devices. And, cig-a-likes usually have a lower voltage leading to a cooler vape experience, though this also produces fewer vapors than pods, mods, and pens. 

The batteries of cig-a-likes are quite similar to vape pens and often charge through a micro-USB cord or 510 thread charger. The cartridges, such as pods, provide a user-friendly experience and you don’t need to carry e-juice.

The major problem of cig-a-likes is they have a short battery life because of the small size of the component of the battery. Also, there is a limited availability and range of replacement pre-filled cartomizers. Since pod and pen devices have grown in popularity, there has been a decrease in the production and demand of cig-a-like products.   

Vape pens are quite similar to cig-a-like devices visually. The major differences come from the more powerful and larger battery component that can allow for higher wattages and longer battery life. Most vape pens have safety features, such as 10-second shut-offs to prevent accidental activations. They also have similar rechargeable batteries that come with a battery indicator, firing button, and microchip inside that operates the safety shut-off. You can also find more advanced pens that have temperature and wattage controls.


Vape mods are regarded as the most complicated and powerful category of vape devices. You can also find sophisticated modern mods that have a circuit board designed to regulate the safety features of the device and have customized wattage, temperature, and voltage. Others are unregulated and don’t have customization methods or added safety. Unregulated mods are not suitable for first-timers because they can be hard to use. Therefore, only experienced vapers should use the unregulated mods.

Most mods that you find on the market are regulated, though you should always double-check before you decide to purchase. Regulated mods come with safety features like circuit protection to prevent short circuits from the firing device. This can also prevent damaging the battery. Mods usually include advanced features like variable voltage, temperature control, and wattage that allow you to change the flavor, amount of vapor production, and throat hit.  

The main difference between different types of vape mods is between tube and box mods. A tube mod tends to have sub-ohm and clearomizers and vape tanks. In most cases, many 510 threaded prefilled cartridges are usually clearomizers, and sub-ohms are often larger and more globe-like tanks. 

A box mod usually utilizes a sub-ohm tank. Take note that there are some box-shaped devices that may take clearomizer cartridges. These are more related to pod devices or vape pens than the highly and powerful customizable box mods. 

The good thing is that these devices tend to have the most battery power, produce the largest dense vapor production, and provide the highest level of customization. Most of these devices come with LED screens that indicate several things, such as temperature, battery life, airflow, voltage, wattage, and a puff counter. 

If you desire to switch to a lower level of nicotine, then your best option is to use mods. This is because they often utilize freebase e-liquids with a lower nicotine strength. 

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