Live Resin: What’s It And How It’s Different From Other Concentrates? 

Chemicals have dominated human life for decades and have caused almost irreplaceable damage. It is the prime cause of pollution and global warming, eventually affecting the human body. In addition, the significant climate changes are hurting the growth of crops, and therefore, farmers inject more chemicals in the form of growth hormones. Thus, chemicals have become such a part of human life that they are inseparable. 

But now humans are noticing the damage it was causing and are making conscious efforts to heal. So, they are now replacing chemicals with organic compounds. The change is happening across several industries and is not anymore limited to food and cosmetics. The recreational sector is also adopting the change. 

The industry’s main challenge was finding a viable alternative to tobacco. Fortunately, there is an organic substance that has the potential to fill the void. Live resin is the substance that we are talking about. It comes from cannabis plants, and some consider it better than other concentrates. So, let’s learn more about it. 

Understanding Live Resin 

Cannabis products are facing soaring demand in the market, and live resin is one among them. It is a concentrate of cannabis that comes from fresh flowers, whereas other concentrates come from dried buds. It is full of terpenes and has colors and forms. One can compare its consistency with sap, sauce, budder, and sugar. If the consistency is runny, then it indicates that it contains more terpene. 

At times, one can consider it a full-spectrum extract as it contains notable cannabinoids and has a high terpene profile. However, it is best not to add live resin to the category, as full-spectrum extracts typically do not come from fresh plants. 

Another good part about live resin is its extraction process. One can extract weed in several methods, but most are damaging as they ruin the profile of the concentrate. Contrary, extractors use the freezing technique for extracting live resin and skip the drying and curing process. The disadvantage of the process is that cannabis concentrates often lose their terpenes. For example, some studies suggest that drying a cannabis plant for a week will lead to a 31% loss of terpenes. It happens as the terpenes evaporate during the average drying and curing process and lower the overall profile of the concentrate, decreasing its aroma and flavor. 

However, it is not the only concentrate one can get from cannabis. There are others like sugar wax and budder. So let’s learn how it is different from the others. 

  • Live Resin vs. Sugar Wax 

You may not be familiar with live resin, but sugar wax is known to many. Interestingly, both the concentrates have a similar texture and share similar looks. They both are dark yellow and are more solidified than other concentrates. However, their characteristics are different from each other. For example, live resin is not a solid concentrate like sugar wax but is more on the liquid side and contains essential oils and sugar crystals. 

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Another interesting fact is that if you thought that live resin had the highest terpene profile out of all the concentrates, you were wrong. Sugar wax is higher on the scale and is also a flavourful product. However, it is less aromatic than live resin. 

If you zoom out on the topic, sugar wax and live resin are similar. The concentrates are both potent and may also come in handy for mental clarity and provide an energy boost. However, the live resin may win by a slight difference as it has better profiles than sugar wax. 

  • Live Resin vs. Budder

Budder is another cannabis concentrate that is also known as better or worse. It has a whip cream consistency as it has a somewhat fluffy texture. You can even scoop it like it’s butter. Like live resin, it is also famous in the cannabis community as it is easy to smoke. Even if you are a first-time user, you can quickly get a dab from your dab tool if you are using a budder. Its malleable texture and advantages may make you think it is better than live resin. However, such is not the case. When it comes to a better profile, live resin wins. It has a higher terpene content than budder and is also more aromatic. In addition, the two extraction processes are unique. The freezing method is less harmful to the environment and helps save most of the terpene during extraction.

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Another distinct feature is that live resin is ideal for an energy boost, whereas budder will be a more practical choice if you are looking for a soothing concentrate that may help you sleep. Also, live resin is better for experienced users. 

Can You Use Live Resin For Vaping? 

The vaping industry has an average target audience of ages 18 to 30. Therefore, it must keep up with the latest trends and practices to lure customers. In addition, teenagers and adults are now conscious of their health and are trying to make healthy choices to help them improve their overall health. 

However, at the same time, they are also not willing to let go of their recreation. Therefore, it would be wise to make an informed decision regarding it as well. Furthermore, the increased number of deaths and cancer caused by tobacco is alarming; therefore, everyone is trying to avoid its consumption.

Live resin can be a viable option for them. One can use it to vape or smoke. You can use the dabbing method or hit it with a vape pen. The outcome is, however, the same in both – inhaling cannabinoid and vaporizing it. 

We recommend that our readers, especially beginners, opt for vaping as it is a simple technique. In addition, they can easily purchase a vape pen with a prefilled cartridge to save themselves from the hassle. 

Final Thoughts!

The world is going through a challenging phase with the pandemic still around and climate change adding to the damage. In addition, nations are struggling to provide proper nutrition to the residents. So, one should take the initiative to improve their life by making wise choices. 

Though recreation is essential, one should always look for a safer option. Tobacco, heroin, and other drugs are addictive and damaging. However, organic concentrates like live resin are a better alternative as it provides the same effects at lesser damage. So, we strongly urge our readers to make the change for a better future. 

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