Portland Pests: How To Spot and Eliminate The Tiny Monsters Called Rodents

Portland is the most populated city in Oregon, making it also home to numerous types of pests, and one of those little critters is rodents; this is especially true in Maine.

As human activity traffic is jammed in such places, the establishments have also become plenty to accommodate the number of citizens and tourists visiting the big port city. With more restaurants and residences comes a higher risk of rodent infestation, which is bad for both businesses and families.

In cases where these creatures are invading commercial property, there is no doubt that the first move should always be to contact a pest control Portland Maine professional. However, when at home, it’s only sometimes the first aid for these matters.

In fact, as a homeowner, you can do plenty to prevent or eliminate these unwanted guests. And to especially help you eradicate these furry troublemakers, here are some tips on spotting them and “taking care” of them:

Spotting And Eliminating the Enemy (Rodents)

Rodents like rats and mice are a significant problem because of the harm they can do by contaminating food and spreading illness.

As the rat and mouse populations tend to drop after a natural disaster, people are less likely to suffer from rat- and mouse-related illnesses or injuries in the immediate aftermath. Nevertheless, the threats of these pests are real, and any signs of them should be taken seriously.

To spot these pesky little muggers, these are the most common telltale signs:

  1. Signs of rodent infestation include droppings found on or near food packaging, in storage spaces such as drawers and cabinets, and under the sink.
  2. Finding stuffing for a nest, such as shredded paper, cloth, or dried leaves and twigs, is a major indication that you have rodents on your property.
  3. Indications that something has been chewing on food packaging.
  4. A pest’s chewing causes exit spots in the home’s walls and flooring.
  5. Sometimes signs can go as far as stale odors emanating from some unseen location.

When you have confirmed that rodents have been nesting in your residence, what’s the next step? It would be best if you found ways to eradicate them. Here are some things you can do:

  1. As morbid as it sounds, the most effective way of getting rid of these types of pests is by preventing them from breeding or, in other words, permanently eliminating them.

The elimination usually works with traps, poison, and even bringing a cat home. But as society moves forward, more humane ways of getting these animals out of your home are being pushed. For example, live traps can be used to catch rodents alive and then release them far away from your property.

  • Finding and sealing the gaps that you see on your wall is also an excellent way to prevent rodents from going into your home.

Making them unable to enter your home will lessen the chances of rodents infesting it.

  • Cleaning after yourself is also a very efficient method of keeping any rodent infestation at bay. As a rule of life, animals need sustenance to remain alive.

For rodents in a human-populated area, their main food source comes from trash, food left unattended, or even crumbs that fell on your floor. Making sure that you clean and manage the following will help you prevent attracting the interest of these pests.

As you can see, there are a couple of things you can do to kick out rodents from your property. However, as a reminder, in case of a serious infestation, where you notice that your uninvited guest is causing more damage than your normal littering and occasional food-stealing, it’s probably best to consult with a proper Exterminator Portland Maine services. After all, these pros have the best methods when it comes to pest control.

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