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Reality TV shows are something a lot of us like to watch. They can be funny, they can be scary, they can be inspiring, they can also be cringy – but they are all very entertaining. Watching these reality tv shows also makes us want to participate in them as contestants or just go sit in the audience to watch everything unfold in front of us. While it is really cool to watch something on television, it is an even more immersive experience to watch the whole thing taking place right in front of us. Another thing that reality television makes us do is vote for our favorite candidates so they can win the show.

In India, there are several popular dance and music reality shows happening in the way of competition that has dominated people’s hearts over the years and still continues to do so. One of the most popular reality television shows is Bigg Boss.

It is the Indian adaptation of the popular international show Celebrity Big Brother. The concept of this show is that a couple of celebrities and public figures are kept inside a house where they can only communicate with each other and not have any contact with the outside world.

They also do several fun activities in the house, but at times things get super dramatic. This show happens over a period of about three months and the contestant with the most votes from the public wins the game.

Soundarya Sharma Biography

Soundarya Sharma is an actress and model from India, particularly working in the Hindi film and entertainment industry. She was born on 20th September 1994 in Delhi but she later moved to Mumbai for career purposes. Soundarya Sharma is actually a dentist as she graduated from college with a degree in dental surgery, but for some reason, she decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. It worked out for her because now she has become a household name among Hindi television lovers.

Soundarya had previously been known for appearing in Hindi shows, but her fame increased when she appeared as a contestant in the 16th season of Bigg Boss. She was a pretty good player as she quickly gained the attention of the audience with her personality and also was pretty controversial. In this article, we will be focusing on Soundarya’s journey in the Bigg Boss house.

From her appearance in Bigg Boss, Soundarya was seen to be pretty bold and extroverted. It was seen that while she was in the house, she got cozy with actor Gautam Vig. Before entering the house, Gautam was interviewed saying that he does not want to fall in love for the sake of the show, but we all saw his closeness with Soundarya. After his elimination, Gautam’s friend Khushi said that Soundarya had benefited from this publicity but Gautam was affected. Gautam was previously married to Richa, but they divorced amicably in 2020.

Soundarya was a very active player in the Bigg Boss house. She always performed every task with lots of determination and dedication, which is why she was well-liked by the audience outside. In the Bigg Boss house, she became good friends with Archana Gautam and though Archana was a pretty controversial player in the show, she publicly supported Soundarya after her elimination. Soundarya was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house after more than 100 days of being there.

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