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Top 5 Individual Performers In The Super-12 Stage

You must be wondering what does Super 12 stage actually means in cricket?

Well, the World Cup tournaments has certain number of stages where each team gets to play with every other opponent. The first kick off happens with the first-round battle played among eight teams across the two groups, who will fight for the right to play on in further stages. Four teams from the first round will make it possible to the next round, called the Super 12, and ultimately will be paired up with the top 8 teams, who have been qualified by winning in previous matches.

Although in several past World cup matches, there have been a long trail of lone-wolf cricketers who over shined others by their batting or bowling. Let’s have a glance on the best individual performers in the super 12 stage of the World cups who were covered in world cricket news:-

  • Suryakumar Yadav :-

If any spinner in the world of cricket had to name their most terrifying mission right now, it could be to bowl to Suryakumar in the game’s shortest round. Not only did the 32-year-old Indian batsman exceed 1000 runs in the calendar year by 2022, yet he also did so at an incredible rate. Yadav is strong mostly on leg side and has played numerous wonderful sweeps over the fine-leg boundary off the pacers.

Having 225 runs, he is the second-highest run scorer in this year’s World Cup and has consistently kept a swing above 160–170. In Perth on a challenging surface against a potent South African seamers, he hit a superb 68 out of his team’s total of 130 or so. He then destroyed the Zimbabwean bowling attack with a gallant 61 off 25 deliveries.

  • Virat Kohli :-

Kohli is another one Indian who is also included on such a list. With 246 runs, he tops the list of the tournament’s best run scorers and has been outstanding. The 34-year-old handed India’s nail-biting victory against Pakistan in their first game with either a mind-numbingly excellent performance of 82 not out, which got things are starting for them.

With his cautious demeanour and ability to score runs by playing traditional drives through the openings between fielders, Kohli has made the ideal partner for Surya. He has, nonetheless, routinely and easily cleared the ropes, and his lofted strokes down the ground have overly impressed. Since Kohli is really a big-match player, it won’t be strange if he produces yet another strong innings in the semifinals then again in the final, should he get the chance. Kohli’s form certainly allayed the concerns of his captain.

  • Glenn Phillips :-

The 25-year-old Phillips has been the most outstanding young player in the competition and has amassed 195 runs thus far. It is important to keep in mind that he missed New Zealand’s opening two games, therefore makes his accomplishment all the more impressive. Phillips hits tremendous sixes and over long-on and mid-wicket boundaries while maintaining a strong grip upon that leg side.

Phillips used a variety of strokes to achieve a better hundred against Sri Lanka and then another outstanding fifty versus England. The Kiwis might have likely been capable of defeating the English if he had remained on the wicket for a little bit longer. 

Phillips may have a harder time trying to escape the ropes in the middle overs against the spins of Shadab Khan, Mohammad Nawaz, and Iftikhar Ahmed due to the slower track in Sydney, which is predicted to benefit the spinners. By taking on that task on Wednesday, he will have the chance to demonstrate his resolve.

  • Sam Curran :-

In concerns of their bowling, England had a test of types prior to the tournament’s commencement. They has several possibilities because the squad was made up of all-around shooters, but they also needed someone to take the lead.

With 10 wickets in the tournament so far and the potential for more, Curran has been the one to pull it off. His 5/10 against Afghanistan is the finest bowling performance by an Englishman in record, and he has pleasantly surprised English fans by intelligently varying his speed and length. He has performed well in terms of bowling slower pitches and also has enticed the hitters to take a chance by playing big smashes on expansive Australian fields. In all of the outings, he has also bowled the wide yorkers well and has not given up an excessive amounts of runs. Curran will need to bowl at his best once more against the renowned Indian batting order if England is to win against India.

  • Shadab Khan :-

Shadab Khan has produced the World Cup’s best all-around performance if there has been one. He has previously played for Pakistan in white-ball cricket with quite a few years, however in this competition, he looks to have stepped up with a performance improvement including both bat and ball.

Shadab’s clever leg-break bowling has resulted in 10 wickets so far, and he hasn’t given up quite so many runs. He has broken partnerships for Pakistan in the middle overs and, the majority part, hasn’t bowled too full. In order to catch the batters off guard, he has also skillfully combined his googlies, and he frequently completes his spell in a single motion. Shadab will once again play a critical role against the New Zealanders, who are not very skilled at playing spin, since the Sydney ground is expected to benefit the spinners. Shadab also underlined his credentials as an all-rounder by scoring 78 runs during the competition, including one with a relaxed half-century against South Africa. He was removed against India and Zimbabwe because the wild shots, but after that, he appeared to have his batting act together. Therefore, Shadab’s fans in Pakistan will indeed be hoping that he maintains his current form till the World Cup’s completion.

So these were some of the finest players who came in limelight across the wide span of world cup years. Every nation demands such extraordinary players to build their team more strong. Their efforts must be acknowledged and given equal credit.

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