Zoey Christina Ball and Destin Christopher Tucker: Two Great People

Zoey Christina Ball was born on 22nd July 2018 in chino hills California. She was born to Denise Garcia and Lonzo Ball. She is born as an athlete and involves in all the events related to the sports academy. She also appears in a reality television show. She used to travel everywhere in the world along with her parents. She was also awarded the Kids choice sports awards.

Family Background

She is ethnic also belongs to African- American background and also holds American nationality. Her maternal grandparents were Patricia Garcia and Gary Garcia. And her paternal grandparents were Tina Ball and Lavar Ball.

Her grandfather used to play and has an athletic history. Zoey always stated that her paternal grandfather mostly used to play college football for cal state Los Angeles. And also he was a creator and owner of the company which is Big Baller Brand. Her grandmother also who is Tina Ball mostly in her life used to play college basketball for cal state Los Angeles.

Mother Denise Garcia

Her mother Denise Garcia most of her life used to be an Instagram model and also was a very young mother and also participated in various fitness routines. She was born on April 14, 1996, in west Covina situated in California.

Father Lonzo Ball

He is a very successful NBA point and mostly he was known to play for the Chicago bulls and then he was known for giving an appearance in the NBA and in the 2017 NBA he was drafted and known for having the second overall pick in the first round.

Article On Destin Christopher Tucker

Destin Christopher Tucker is considered to be the only son of Chris tuckers. He is mostly involved in films. Then he made his debut on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”. And since then he is very regular and the remainder for a decade.

Chris Tucker

Destin Christopher Tucker is a comedian and also is a well-known actor that is from the united states he was born on 31st august, 1971. He started and began his career as a stand-up comedian in 1992 on the HBO show “Def Comedy Jam” and also he appeared in many of the shows. And also appear in various shows and work a lot during the 1990s. Also, he was known to play the character for many movies that are “Friday”, “The Fifth element”, “Money Talks” and also “Jackie Brown”. Also, he was known to play various detective roles of James carter in the series that is “Rush hour” which ultimately earn him a lot of praise.


He was born in Atlanta in Georgia. And then he graduated and moved from high school and only able to work for the entertainment industry and then he was ended in doing a regular on “Def Comedy Jam” in 1992 and then after that was known to appear in various stand-up comedies and also Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor which appear in the comics and most of the time have a strong influence in these matters.

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