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A new story of Chhota bheem and sorceress

Chhota bheem story in Hindi, a new story of Chhota bheem and sorceress Did not know her house, it was night, the sorceress still could not find her house, Raju had just got up, he saw a sorceress blowing in the air, but what she wants, this thing to Raju Didn’t know, Raju hid seeing her, because he is also afraid, only then he saw that she has come near Chhota bheem’s house,

a new story of Chhota bheem and sorceress

Raju was also afraid that if she went to Chhota bheem it might be difficult, so Raju also came out of his house, because he wanted to see what the sorceress was doing, after some time She flies away with the sorceress Chhota bheem, how can it be because how can the sorceress take Bheem where is she taking her, Raju was following her, because she has taken the sorceress Bheem,

Chhota Bheem and the thief in the city

After some time Raju came to know, she takes the sorceress Chhota bheem to a cave, Raju doesn’t go inside, he stays outside, because the sorceress can catch him, after some time she comes out of the sorceress cave She goes, meets someone, Raju listens to them, she tells someone that Chhota Bheem has been caught, now you can take her with you, Raju gets scared after hearing this because he can take Bheem anywhere. Won’t let go, he goes inside the cave to search for Bhima    

Motu Patlu and the Magical Island

After some time Chhota gets bheem, he tries to wake her up, because bheem is still asleep, after some time bheem wakes up, he says which place is this, Raju tells bheem, That the sorceress had come here, she has brought you here, Chhota bheem now understands everything, Raju says that we should go here like this but Bhima says that there is no need to go from here because now she will be the sorceress, will send you with that man,

Motu Patlu and Sadhu Baba

Motu Patlu and Chirag

The one who has called you here upper, after some time the sorceress comes she says that how has this Chhota been woken up now that man says that if he should be caught or else he will run away but Bhima does not go anywhere he says That will catch you and take you to the king, the sorceress catches Chhota bheem but he survives after some time the sorceress understands, that it is not easy to catch Bhima anymore

Chhota bheem’s story in Hindi

She disappears and does not come back the man is caught, and she is brought before the king because he tried to catch Chhota Bheem, the king punishes her and is asked to catch the sorceress but Chhota Bheem knows It is that the sorceress will not come easily, because she is very fast, and may even disappear, Raju and Bhima come home, if Raju does not go after Bhima, then he does not even know where she is. Raja rewards Raju, if you liked this new story of Chhota Bheem and the sorceress, then do share 

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