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It has been seen that in this era of corona epidemic, people have understood the importance of doctors more than ever, thanks to doctors, we have been able to ensure protection from corona to such an extent. But the worrying thing in this episode is that already in a very large section, the advice of the doctor is ignored. Like finding solutions in home remedies instead of getting tested in case of any physical problem continuously, taking medicines by telling the problem to the chemist instead of consulting a specialist, or doctor, and leaving medicines in the middle as soon as you feel a little better after treatment, etc. There are factors that only add to the problem. Let us know what can be the harm of these habits, from which prevention is necessary.

Dr. Subhash Agarwal, Senior Consultant, Head of the Department, General and Minimal Access Surgery, Shree Balaji Action Medical Institute says that there is no doubt that a very large section of our society needs to adopt an understanding of this matter. First of all, understand the importance of doctors in your life. The assessment of any disease or the final confirmation of complete recovery of the patient can only be done by the concerned doctor, even if the patient is feeling well, he should not consider himself cured until the same doctor Don’t declare it completely right. But there are many such types of carelessness that are done on a large scale but its disadvantages are such that one should be surprised:-

1. Self-medication or self-medication:-

Often many people start taking medicines on their own as soon as they know their disease. Many people complain of constant gas in the stomach and start eating different types of churan or medicines after seeing it on the internet. And worryingly this negligence is one of the most common carelessness. Such people should be warned that without taking any right prescription these medicines and that too affect the bones for a long time.

Quit this habit today, and if there is a problem of persistent stomach pain or disturbance, then consult a doctor, get tested, improve your diet accordingly, and take medicines. Similarly, people suffering from persistent headaches should understand. if this pain is persistent. Then it is either a symptom of some major disease or due to an unhealthy lifestyle, but in both cases, the doctor can give the final confirmation.

2. Not taking the prescription Complete:-

Medicines prescribed by a doctor on disease are to eliminate the disease or problem, which has a fixed duration and it is very important to take the medicines according to that duration. But many patients do not take full medicine as soon as they get slight relief. Feeling comfortable is not a sign of recovery, it can be harmful. For example, if patients with diabetes, infertility, and blood pressure do not take the claim according to the prescribed rules. then their blood attack can be badly affected, eyesight can be affected and kidney operation can be completely affected, and in many cases. It can also affect sex life.

So, thank the doctor if you feel well within that stipulated period, and for more tips, you can check this site out but follow the doctor’s advice continuously till the treatment is completed.

3. Ignoring Post-Operative Care:-

First of all, understand that the procedure of the operation is not only to make the person unconscious. And to restore the operation of his internal organs and bring him to a normal position. During the operation, especially after major surgery, the immunity of the patient is very less. so you must have ever seen that even a little sick person is forbidden to come near him. And utmost cleanliness and precaution are advised around the patient.

At the same time, it takes time for the internal organs to function properly. But many patients start walking when they feel fine as soon as the operation is done, in such a situation the internal organs are affected as well as the stitches can bother if the medicine is not taken properly. Therefore, unless confirmed by the doctor, the patient should not be considered completely cured and the advice is followed.

4. Importance of diagnosis and accurate treatment:-

Often many people go a step further than the above. They get the diagnosis of their disease done. but do not go for further treatment and the disease keeps on increasing. Many times, others suffering from the same disease start taking medicines after asking a friend or relative. For example, if diabetes or heart disease is confirmed in the test. then on the advice of another person suffering from the same disease. either start taking medicines or do not get treatment due to fear.

In such a situation, there is often a late organ rot (gangrene) and surgery has to be done to remove that gangrene. and it is common for cancer to reach the advanced stage. If there is any fear and doubt, then only the concerned doctor can remove it.

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