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What is the Factorial of hundred (100) concept | What is Factorial

Factorial of Hundred:-

Friends, nowadays, some useful things are also asked on Google, “what is the Factorial of hundred.

You will not believe it; it took me two days to properly research and understand its root concept. Like me, you people should not work so hard, for this I felt that it should be conveyed to all of you. So that all of you can also understand its concept.

By the way, finding the Factorial of a hundred is not a difficult task. But if we understand its concept, I think it will be very easy to find the Factorial of any number.

Suppose you ask me what the Factorial of a hundred is. In that case, I will first explain to you the Factorial, then try to explain the Factorial of different numbers with different examples.

So let’s first understand what it is factorial? ( What is the Factorial).

What is the factorial

Factorial: The Factorial of a positive integer number is equal to the product of all the positive natural numbers preceded by it.

Let us understand this by simplifying it a bit. Factorials are called “Kramagunit” .

I think some of you still don’t fully understand. But do not worry, today we will understand and accept it after understanding.

Suppose there is a number n whose Factorial is to be found, with a simple formula.

Understand that the Factorial of any digit, that digit and all the digits below it till one should be multiplied together. So the Factorial of that number will be removed.

I hope all of you have almost understood how to calculate factorial? Who is called Factorial? But as long as we do not understand the reason for it, we will not be able to catch the concept.

So let us now understand what is the use of Factorial after all? Why are we spending so much brain? And does it have any benefit in real life?

Application of Factorial

Let us first understand the meaning of Factorial. Factorial means in how many ways we can see or write the combination of a number.

Let n=1, that is, a coin; now, how many ways can we see it? The answer is one; we can see the coin in only one way. Either it will be the Head, or it will be the Tail.

Here, H – Head and T – Tail. Here a question will arise in your mind that why TTT and HHH are not written in it. So let me tell you, all the three coins will look the same in this, then they are not separated. And if you read the above definition carefully, your confusion will go away.

When all the coins look the same, you will be able to see only one part of those coins. But here, there are three coins, and we are finding out how many ways these three coins can be seen. So if all the coins come in the same, they will not be able to form a combination.

Let us understand with a different example. Suppose you have four paintings that you want to put on the wall. This question will come to your mind how many ways you can put all these four pictures. For this, we will use Factorial.

I hope your concept is clear now. Now you have become able to know this question “what is the factorial of hundred.” So now let’s find the Factorial of 100?

What is the Factorial of Hundred?

By the way, if you search on Google, you will get this value 9.332622e+157. But today, we are telling you about the concept. And will teach you how to find the Factorial of the last hundred ( 100 ). As we have learned above, what are factorial? And what are its uses, what are its formulas? And we learned about the rest.

Now let us understand “What is the factorial of Hundred” and how to remove it.

The product of all these will be the Factorial of 100, 9.332622e+157. But when we write this issue in detail, it will have a different style. Because the computer also takes about 1-2 minutes to get the Factorial of this number.

There are also some different ways to get the Factorial of hundred, shown in this video, so you must watch it.

Friends, in this post, we taught “Factory kya hai,” “Factory kaise nikalte hain,” “factorial application kya hai” We tried to explain all these points in detail. I hope you have understood. If you still have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by commenting below. Thank you!

Video Factorial of Hundred :-

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