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Bi Full Form & Date Full Form 2022. What is Power Bi?

Today we will know about Bi Full Form and with this we will also know what is Power Bi ? If we will know about all the full forms of Bi in this post, then definitely read till the last!

Bi Full Form

Business intelligence (Bi) includes the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for data analysis of business information. Bi technologies can handle vast amounts of structured and sometimes unstructured data to help identify, grow, and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities.

This paragraph is taken from Wikipedia .

History of Power Bi

It was originally designed by Ron George in 2010 and the project was named Crescent . Which was made available for download in 2011.

Later it was renamed to Power Bi and then it was launched as power bi for office 365 by Microsoft in September 2013, the first release of Power Bi based on Microsoft excel Add Ins : Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View was based on!

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India Full Form

India’s Popular Data Visualization Tools

Although many tools are available in India, but I will tell you about five tools –

  • Power Bi
  • Picture
  • Alteryx
  • Qlikview
  • Looker

Power Bi is a tool of Microsoft, now we will also know about other Full Forms of Bi.

Bi Other Full Forms

Term Full Form Category

  • WITH A               –  Business Intelligence                              –  Information Technology
  • WITH A               –  Burundi                                       –  Country Names
  • WITH A               –  Backup                                         – Interface Networking
  • WITH A                – Basic source Include file           – File type
  • WITH A                – Build Index                                 –  Software
  • WITH A                             – Buffered image                           – Software
  • WITH A                – Binary and Includes                 –  Computer Assembly language
  • WITH A               –  Binary Input                                –  Computer Assembly language
  • WITH A                – Byte Integer                                –  Computer Assembly language
  • WITH A               – Bus invert                                     –  Computer hardware
  • WITH A                – Basic instrument                       –  Computer hardware
  • WITH A                – Bus in                                           –  Computer hardware
  • WITH A                – Backplane interconnect           –  Computer hardware
  • WITH A                – Back Illuminated                        – Computer hardware
  • WITH A                – Bilinear interpolation                             –  Maths
  • WITH A                – Bari Sadri                                     – Indian Railway Station
  • WITH A                – Bismuth                                       – Chemistry
  • WITH A                – Burn In                                        – Electronics
  • WITH A                – Beyond Incredible                     –  Messaging
  • WITH A                – Best Individual                          –  Job Title
  • WITH A                – Star, Indonesia                           – Country Specific
  • WITH A                – Built-In                                        –  Real Estate
  • WITH A                – Batted In                                     –  Sports
  • WITH A                – Battlefield Interdiction            – Military And Defence
  • WITH A                – Battlefield Injury                       –  Military And Defence
  • WITH A               – Bomb Island                                – Military And Defence
  • WITH A               –  Basic Indoctrination                  – Military And Defence

Bi Full Form

Date Full Form

We will consider the date as date in this post date full form because the date also has some other full form, we will add the full form of the rest of the date in some other post, so let’s know about the date full form!

Date full form is Day And Time Evolution

What is the full form of BI?

Biot Number Academic & Science

Backup Interface Networking

Beyond Incredible Messaging


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