Ibid Meaning in Hindi: Friends, today we will know Ibid Meaning in Hindi, if you do not know what is the Hindi meaning or meaning of Ibid, then read this post completely. You will also know that what is the Hindi meaning of Ibid. We will also know the meaning of Ibid, and will also see examples or examples of its synonyms and antonyms. Along with this, you will also know where and when Ibid Word is used.

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Ibid Meaning in Hindi And Ibid Origin| Meaning or meaning of ibid in Hindi , origin

If we talk about Ibid Word, then the origin or origin of this word is Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word ‘Ibidem’ . And this is the abbreviation or Abbreviation of Ibidem.

The Hindi meaning or meaning of ‘Ibid’ is – Same, Said, At the same place , In the same place, The Same, The Same Place, etc.


Now we know, what is the pronunciation or pronunciation of Ibid – the correct pronunciation or pronunciation of Ibid is – Ibid or I.B. Id

What is Ibid in Hindi | What is Ibid? And where is it used?

Whenever a Writer or Researcher gives a reference to a particular place or page number in the last of the text in a book or research paper to give references or bibliography of something, we call it Ibid. References or Bibliography are always given at the end of the text.

Ibid is used or used in books and magazines to indicate that a piece of text taken from elsewhere is from the same source as a previous piece of text.

Ibid or I.B. To understand more about ID, you can understand by looking at the Usage of Ibid section in the table given below.

Ibid Synonyms in Hindi-English | Synonyms or synonyms of Ibid

Now let us see some examples of Synonyms or Synonyms Words of Ibid. With the help of which you can understand the meaning of Ibid Word better.

Ibidem – In the same place
In the place mentioned before
As is – as is
Ditto – just like that
Identically – Exactly
Likewise – likewise
Same as above
In the same place
Supra – East

Ibid Antonyms in Hindi-English | Antonyms of Ibid

Now let us see some examples of some Antonyms Words or Antonyms of Ibid.

Asymmetrically – asymmetrically, asymmetrically
Contradictorily – as opposed, paradoxically
In contrast
Contrastingly – Contrastingly
Distinctly – clearly
On the contrary
On the other hand


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