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Louise Lombard: Bio, Age, Family, Life, Career, Net Worth

Lombard is a very famous movie and television actress, there are some famous movies in her life which have made Lombard very famous all over the world. Known for her roles in hit films such as The House of Eliot, the series Chancer, Bodyguards, Metropolis, Gold in the Streets, My Kingdom and After the Rain, Lombard also starred in Tale of the Mummy, Lombard is also interested in literature, due to which he also studied English literature in Cambridge.

In the beginning, we are looking to share information about his family members, including age, date of birth, etc. This is followed by a list of specifics about Louise’s private life, such as what she likes and dislikes. 

Louise Lombard’s Bio

Louise Lombard was born Louise Maria Perkins on 13 September 1970 in Redbridge, London, England. She is a British citizen, white and part of the race known as white. Her siblings comprise six. Louise Lombard has seven siblings, and her number five is. By the time Louise Lombard moved out of the house at the age of 16, she had started appearing in television advertisements. She is an English film and TV show actress. The nationality of Louise Lombard is British.

Louise Education Life

In the United States, Louise was an undergraduate at Cambridge University. She continued to study print and photography at St. Martin’s College. Her first acting job professionally was on the screen that she created, Hidalgo. The actress was then offered a regular part on the television program CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in the month of November 2004.

Following the breakup in her wedding ceremony, Lombard began a relationship for a time together with Alejandro Sol. They have two children together. Her father was the fifth child out of 7 children. The couple divorced. The couple later divorced and Jon Stephen’s spouse was said to have a dislike for her love life. The actress has been living in LA for a long time. Even though she is a renowned actor, she has also been married on several occasions.

All About Louise Lombard

She Is known for her role as an addict to heroin in The CBS crime-drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2004). He has won many honors and awards over the years for his work in comedy and drama. Her most famous role is her role as the main character in the hit television series The Crown and is widely regarded as one of the most talented actors in the world. If you’re seeking the complete biographical details of Louise Lombard, then I will be happy to share all you need to know! We’ve done our research and put together various details about the writer in this blog. 

Her popularity was elevated due to her character as the protagonist in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Her contributions to the arts have received a lot of praise. Lombard is well-liked by people all over the world. In addition to her acting career, Louise Lombard has also been part of various television shows. Her character as a regular character on the drama series CSI was first announced through her “In following her separation, she began her acting career by appearing in scenes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Following that she was a character actress for CSI.

Louise Lombard Career & Work

Her popular character from The House of Eliott, a British TV series The House of Eliott (1991-94) and is famous for her role as a heroin addict on the CBS Crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2004). She has received numerous accolades and awards throughout the years for her roles in drama and comedy. Her most famous role is her character, which is the character named after her on the popular TV show The Crown. The Crown is widely recognized as one of the most talented actresses in the world. Louise Lombard is an English actress who hails from England. 

Not long after her success in ‘Chancer’, Louise Lombard had a pivotal role in the BBC series ‘The House of Eliott’ as Evangeline Eliott. It was this performance that brought her national and international recognition. The 1920s-based fashion drama ran for three series, sold out worldwide, and was watched by over ten million viewers each week in the UK. Although Lewis continued to fight for success. In a 1993 interview with The Mail on Sunday, Louise Lombard  where, ‘I know it is sacrilege, but the truth is I haven’t a clue about fashion.’

During the mid-1990s, Louise Lombard performed on stage and played a lead role as Liz Shaw in the ITV drama ‘Bodyguards’. She also appeared on the big screen as Samantha Turkel in the film ‘Tale of the Mummy’ alongside horror film actor Christopher Lee. And she played the lead role in the Emmy Award-winning series ‘Esther’. Louise Lombard also starred in other films as Rachel Blackmon in ‘Diggity’s Treasure’ in 2001, as Lady Anne Davenport in ‘Hidalgo’ in 2004, and in ‘The Call’ in 2005, which is a short film.

Louise Lombard Career In Television Industry

She has appeared in a range of TV and film shows. In the early 1990s, Lewis was seen as a guest star on several TV shows. , Tomorrow’s episode of ITV’s police drama series ‘The Bill’ and as Clare Jameson in the ‘All Fair’ episode of the BBC medical drama series ‘Casualty’ and the Jersey-based detective show As Clarissa Calder in ‘Snow in Provence’, an episode of ‘Bergerac’. However, it was her role as Anna in the second series of the ITV con-man drama ‘Chancer’ opposite Clive Owen that made Louise Lombard popular to the British public.

In 2004, Lewis returned to the small screen when she guest-starred as Sofia Curtis on the top-rated show CSI. Louise Lombard ended her role as Sofia Curtis at the beginning of season 8. Sofia Curtis returns as Deputy Chief of Police to investigate serial killer Nate Haskell with CSI. Louise Lombard hasn’t been scheduled for any other events yet. Although they say that there is a chance we will be able to see Sofia Curtis in the season 11 finale.

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Louise Lombard Net Worth

After working on the big screen for a number of decades, Louise Lombard has earned an average net worth of $1 million to $5 million. Her first film was “Twice Upon a Time” and her next one movie was “The Forgotten.” Her first appearance on television took place in 1998. She was a part of the TV show “Gold in the Streets” as an aspiring spy. After the film’s teen version her appearance in films like After The Rain and Tale of the Mummy.

Louise Social Media

Despite her many accomplishments, Louise Lombard tends to be a bit aloof from the spotlight. Louise Lombard doesn’t have an online presence and keeps her private life inside the security at home. Her family is proud of her parents for keeping her under control. That’s why she’s at a private level.

Louise Lombard Wikipedia

Apart from her acting profession, Louise Lombard has also been featured in a variety of films. Her first role of note was in the action-thriller “The Forgotten.” In 1994, she appeared in the biographical drama “Esther. The next two films she starred in include Claim along with My Kingdom with Richard Harris.

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