What is Candlestick Pattern? Is Candlestick Pattern Really Works?-Fact Sheet From KuCoin

To make well-informed trading decisions and review the success of their business, traders must analyze their commodities’ transactional buy and sell data. Candlestick patterns are one of the most popular financial analysis tools used today by traders across the world, especially in Asia, to determine price trends and perform trading analyses for their commodities. 

They are very reliable guides for making trading decisions. This technique to draw candlestick patterns to monitor trade patterns has been used in financial analysis for centuries ago. It is believed to have been introduced in the eighteenth century by rice merchants in Japan, so they could view the trends in their rice trade. Furthermore, if you are looking for the candlestick pattern then you may check it out on KuCoin as they also deals with it. KuCoin is a reputable platform with around millions of users from various countries.

Candlestick Patterns are bar charts drawn to reflect financial activity in trade patterns across a period. A candle is drawn for the financial transactions that occur during a day, and since there is one candle for every day in the chart, which may cover several months, the chart shows the trend and progress of trade over the period covered. It shows whether a profit or a loss is being made over time and to what extent that profit or loss is. It will also show which months the trade is high and which months or weeks the trade is low. 

Candlesticks are colour coded to reflect buying and selling prices for a product in the market and an increase or decrease in the price. Each day’s line is a candle because there is a central line and then a wick or a thinner line at the end of the line, either above or below or both. These wicks denote the highest and lowest prices of the day. The thick main line denotes the opening and closing prices. When viewed together as a chart over some time, they instantly convey the market trend in terms of whether the prices are increasing or decreasing and which component of the price specifically is progressing in which way. 

Does Candlestick Pattern Work?

Candlestick patterns are most popular in Asia, and traders use them as very reliable analysis tools to analyze market trends over extended periods. Of course, in the fast-paced market of today, where active traders must be abreast with price changes every hour, if not every minute and every second, candlestick patterns are more of a macro analysis tool because they convey the overall trade information of an entire day. A candlestick pattern becomes useful in providing information only when viewed in light of trading activity for an extended period, such as a week, fortnight, month, or several months.

KuCoin Candlestick

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency trading forum where online buyers and sellers can trade in cryptocurrency. To facilitate its members, KCS provides extensive and detailed trading analyses and charts to its members so that they can make well-informed decisions and know which currency to trade and when. They can do this easily from the exchange itself and do not need to consult any external tools.

Just like other commodities in the cryptocurrency market, the cryptocurrency trade can also be reflected using candlestick patterns. These patterns will then guide the crypto trader about the financial trend in the cryptocurrency he is interested in purchasing or selling. Since candlesticks convey the opening prices, the closing prices, the high and the low prices reached in a day, as well as the trend of the price over some time; the trader will have to combine the candlestick pattern charts he has access to for his cryptocurrency with other market analyses and trend charts to get a comprehensive and full picture and for making a completely informed decision regarding his currency transaction. 

There are supplementary analysis tools prevalent in cryptocurrency trade reviews, such as the RSI, which will provide information about whether the cryptocurrency is being overbought or oversold, for example.   

For a careful and devoted crypto trader, who intends to diligently perform transactions to make profits while the market is ideal, candlestick patterns are a tool that provides immense guidance, and when combined with such supplementary tools, they will provide him guidance on when exactly he should buy or sell his currency, how much he should invest, and when he should postpone his decision to trade. He can compare the charts of different currencies and decide which currency to trade in and which is the most profitable.

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