What is the sex life of animals?

If you are sitting by the sea in Seychelles and hearing strange noises, it may not be that of the couple resting in the umbrella in front. This sound may be of a giant male turtle with his female mate, indicating that only humans do not enjoy sexual relations. Let’s know how animals take pleasure in sexual relations. 

Do animals have sex only to produce offspring?

One of the many mysteries of the animal world is their sexual life and its impact on them. It is generally believed that sex for animals means only giving birth to offspring. While this is not true, Mark Bekoff, a biologist at the University of Colorado in the US and author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, says in an article on that many mammals enjoy sex. Huh.  

Usually, animals have sexual relations only for the production of offspring. Like humans, they form sexual relations only in a particular season, not throughout the year. But there are many similarities between them and our world. Mumbai-based sexologist Dr. Prakash Kothari says that some animals like snakes enjoy foreplay before sex, which lasts for about an hour. Bonobos (a chimpanzee) and dolphins also have sex for fun.

These giant tortoises of Seychelles enjoy being together, measured by their voices, says Justin Gerlach, a biologist who runs the Seychelles Large Turtle Breeding Center. Monkeys are also similar to humans in that sex means more than procreation, and monkeys must also bet (masturbate). “Monkeys also prioritize choosing their mates,” says Mumbai-based veterinarian Dr. Shivani Tandel. By smelling their partner, they find out whether the partner’s genes are different from theirs so that the production of healthy offspring can be ensured.

Why can’t most animals enjoy sex even if they want?

According to Dr. Tandel, most animals do not enjoy sex because their primary purpose is to protect their existence. “They have to be aware of the many dangers,” she says. “Even such animals, which are at the top of the food chain, have to face the change of weather and the threat of life for their survival. This is why they keep thinking about their survival, defense and food, not about enjoying themselves. Most animals have sex when they feel hot.” At the same time, male apes feel this every month, so the level of hormones in their body is more stable than other animals.

According to Bekoff, detecting and directly measuring sexual pleasure in animals is difficult. Still, by observing their facial expressions, physical movements and relaxed muscles, many scientists have concluded that animals reach blissful peaks. It is believed that pigs also enjoy sex, but there is not much research to support this. Scientists say that it is difficult to know how sex affects animals other than by producing offspring. But until we find out this truth, at least we can leave Bonobo alone when he is enjoying private moments.

How does a bird have sex, do you know?

No one can doubt that the bird flies. But how do birds have sex? Can you do it in the air? Or where does the bird have sex? After all, how does it carry out the reproduction process? We should know about the sex of birds, and we understand the sex of mammals, but the confusion about birds remains. Most male birds do not have a penis. Despite this, both males and females have sex.

Do you know about the cloaca? It occurs in birds, reptiles and water-living organisms. The cloaca is an internal chamber that has a hole. It is the sex organ of birds. This is the testis or ovary, where the sperm or eggs are released. The cloaca does not open only during sex, but urine and stool also come out through this.

When it is the season of romance in birds, a bulge can be seen in the cloaca of both the male and the female. It looks slightly raised in the bird’s body and signifies that the season has arrived. While jumping, the protruding cloaca of the birds rubs against each other. The sperm of the male bird is stored in the cloaca. During massaging, the sperm of the male bird goes into the female cloaca, and from this, the reproduction process starts.

The conception of birds is similar to that of humans and mammals. You have never seen sex in birds like Kamasutra, and there is only one sex position in birds. It is said that birds have sex even while flying, but this is not possible for them. Usually, the male bird sits on top of the female, and he turns the female bird’s tail feather on its side to open the cloaca. At the same time, he cleverly rubs the female cloaca of his cloaca.

This is a very tender moment between the two. During this, they make many attempts for successful mating. Often they do this for fun or sperm transfer. Birds have sex several times in moments of romance.

Amazing facts about the animal sex life

Amazing Facts about Animal’s Sex life in Hindi:

There is a lot in common between the sex life of animals and humans. Just as homosexuality, group sex, masturbation, and sex change are common in humans, all these things are expected in animals and birds and are more than in humans. Today in this article, we will learn about some such exciting facts related to the sex life of animals


Like humans, homosexuality is found in animals too. Homosexuality has been found in about 450 animal and bird species. A list of species of these animals and birds is also given on Wikipedia. In this context, it is worth mentioning that at the end of the year 2007, an exhibition was held at the University of Oslo, In which such animals and birds were displayed. This tendency in sea birds is to such an extent that these female birds live together and live in the same nests and give birth to chicks together. The app allows you to have sex regardless of age or gender. Scientists say that sexual relations have a perfect effect on them, and they remain calm. Homosexuality is also found in male ostriches, and they also perform a particular type of dance to attract each other. In 1994, zoologists observed two male octopuses having sex in the deep sea. The researchers found that both the octopuses found in the ocean were males, but they belonged to different species. Very few animals and birds fall into having a relationship with only one mate. But they do so only under compulsion. Were of other species. Very few animals and birds fall into having a relationship with only one mate. But they do so only under compulsion. They were of different species. Very few animals and birds fall into having a relationship with only one mate. But they do so only under compulsion.

2.Group Sex 

If we talk about group sex, animals are many steps ahead of humans. The world’s most giant sex orgies title goes to the red-sided garter snake. In the Canadian province of Manitoba, 30,000 garter snakes gather every year after hibernation for mating. At this time, hundreds of snakes mate with a single female. For more detail, click hereThe way toads have sexual intercourse is called amplexus. In this situation, the male frog climbs onto the female’s body from behind and inseminates her eggs from outside. If competition increases, many frogs may climb onto the body of the same female, and the result is that the female sometimes drowns in the water. But if the female frog survives, she gives birth to several frogs at once. If several males and females mating is necessary for colonial expansion, it is commonly found in monkeys of the bonobo species. Since this society is female-dominated, females can mate with as many males as possible without violence.


It is said by men that 99 percent of the people masturbate, and the remaining one percent lie about it. But monkeys are pretty notorious in this matter. Many animals practice licking their genitalia. Although this is not always for sex-related reasons, kangaroos can be easily seen. A similar trend is also seen in horses, and their parents try to stop it, which adversely affects the semen of the horse.

4.Sex Change

It is a difficult task for humans to change their sex compared to animals and birds. People have to resort to various injections and surgeries, but changing their gender is easy for insects and snails that roam the land and eat plants and some fish. There are some species of these creatures that are of one sex at the beginning of life but change their gender later. A sea worm, called Aphryotroca pupils, is male early in life but later changes to female. The males who become more significant than the body turns into females. Not only this, when two female Gobi fishes mate, one of them becomes a male. Later these fish quickly become females too. There are many animals in which there are male and female parts. Snails and earthworms are similar creatures. Apart from these creatures, sea snails even do sperm trading to get an equal share. But even among these animals, interbreeding is high, and self insemination is low. Still, in North America, there are banana snails that are up to 25 cm long and they self insemination. The ability to change sex is more remarkable in reptiles because they rarely find potential mates. But there is also a species of mangrove fish that can conceive independently. They only get pregnant. The ability to change sex is more remarkable in reptiles because they rarely find potential mates. But there is also a species of mangrove fish that can conceive independently. They only get pregnant. The ability to change sex is more remarkable in reptiles because they rarely find potential mates. But there is also a species of mangrove fish that can conceive independently.

5.Fight for sexual relations

 Male animals are also ready to fight with their rivals to have sex. For this, they use every weapon, which includes horns. In this fight, the life of a male animal is also lost many times. After mating, some animals ensure that they are the only males to have sex with that female. Sperm makes a natural circle around the female’s vagina like a hedgehog. Because of this, other male animals cannot reach that female.

6.Forced sex (rape) 

Only humans cannot force sex. Blacktip reef male sharks do not even try to persuade females to have sex. In a way, they attack her and force her to have sex. Stanford biologist Douglas J McCauley explains that these sharks use their dangerous teeth as weapons for sex. Many male sharks chase the female, and the head of the party takes a bite on his tail. The bite slows the speed of the female shark, so the same male shark grabs her bait by the chest and drags her to the sandy surface, where she mates with her.

7.Gift Exchange 

The exchange of gifts is typical in the animal world, especially for food items. Some studies also suggest that animals and birds want affluent mates. If this is so, then these natures of humans are similar to those of animals.

8.Giraffes decide to mate by tasting urine (Giraffe)

Those who think that urolagnia or golden shower is a product of the human brain are wrong. The sex of giraffes is directly related to urine. More than just seeing, smelling, touching a partner urinating. The male giraffe tastes the female giraffe’s urine to determine whether she is fit to mate with him. The male giraffe goes to several herds of females to mate. When he touches the tail of a female giraffe, the female giraffe releases a stream of urine. The male giraffe tastes it and makes its opinion based on that. The female giraffe releases a stream of urine. The male giraffe tastes it and makes its opinion based on that. Sometimes the male giraffe ‘tastes’ several females before selecting them. It is not that the male should always take the initiative. If a female giraffe is interested in a male, she does not wait for the male to touch her. Initiating from her side, she starts urinating as soon as she passes the male.

9 Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus) 

giraffes choose mates from urine. In contrast, hippopotamuses use dung to create an environment for sex. Male hippopotamuses spray dung to draw their boundary line and hippopotamuses to express their consent to sex. When a hippopotamus in the area approaches the female, she turns around, raises her head down and back and sprays the dung by wagging her tail. This is considered a declaration of his consent.

10. Red Fox

 During the sexual process, the muscles of the Red Fox female contract and the penis cannot move for an hour. In this way, both live together.

11. Rabbit 

The process of sexual intercourse in rabbits ends in less than a minute.

12. Male has the responsibility.

It is the work of the male to attract the female for mating in animals. Therefore, scientists say that the body of male animals or birds is quite colorful.

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