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World Geography


World Geography provides a coherent and systematic knowledge of the geographical conditions of our earth. This book mainly discusses how people are spread on this earth, how they live their lives, and how it has changed from time to time.

In this, a detailed discussion of the physical and cultural features of different geographical regions/countries has been done through eighteen chapters. Written in a logical, compelling, and believable style, special attention has been paid to brevity and clarity in this book. To explain the geography of the continents more easily, related maps and photo-plates have also been given at appropriate places. This book, equipped with informative text and maps/pictures, provides a detailed study of all the world’s regions.

I hope this brief but comprehensive knowledge of world geography will prove useful for students and teachers alike.


• Africa

• North Africa

• North Eastern Africa

• West Africa

• West-Central Africa

• Southern Africa

• Asia

• South-West Asia

• South Asia

• South-East Asia

• East Asia

• Central Asia

• Europe

• North America

• Middle America

• South America

• Oceania

• Antarctica


Majid Hussain is a former Professor of Geography at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Having a high level of commitment to teaching and research, Dr. Husain has an extraordinary ability to explain the most difficult concepts of geography in the simplest terms and analyze large facts in a definite manner.

Dr. Husain’s various books, especially Physical Geography, Geographical Models, Geography of India, History of Geographical Thinking, Human Geography, and Agricultural Geography, have been appreciated everywhere and have also been recognized as texts and references in India and abroad and recognized as such.

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