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What number of times been to the zoo to see the animals!

Top 80 animal in world

I have gone many times to see funny animals, which I like to see again and again. If you are fond of animals or have a pet cat or dog in your house, then this post is for you. If you like to read interesting facts about animals, then in this post I have brought 100 animals facts in Hindi for you, 100 fun and interesting facts about animals which you will find interesting.

I am fond of watching animals, I have a habit of doing more research about them, but still I have found 100 such things about animals for you, which are called interesting facts, things from which you can learn a lot about animals. will get. Also, you will feel good by reading these interesting facts. I am sure you will like interesting facts and interesting things told about animals in this post.

If you are looking for a list of interesting facts about animals, then you are at the right place. Here you will find 100 interesting facts and funny things about animals that you will find interesting. Come soon let’s know about 100 interesting facts about animals.

80 Interesting Facts About Animals Animals Facts In Hindi

So without wasting much time let’s go through some fun facts and 100 interesting facts about animals.

  1. A Chinese newborn water deer is small enough to hold it in our palm.
  2. A hard-toed fox weighs 14 pounds.
  3. If ants are distributed as gifts to people, then there will be about 10,000,000 ants in each person’s share.
  4. Do you know about the smallest dog in the world, whose name is Yorkshire and its weight was about 4 ounces.
  5. Ostriches horse roars just like a lion.
  6. Most pigs are found in China. There they have half the population.
  7. If you want to free someone from the jaws of the crocodile, then press the crocodile’s eyes, it will release the prey.
  8. A dog can die from apple and pear seeds.
  9. Ants do not have lungs and they never sleep.
  10. Strangely, the mouth of the anteater animal is only 1 inch wide while its length is 6 feet.
  11. On average, if the length of the grasshopper is 2 feet, then it can jump 40 feet.
  12. There is a butterfly in Africa that can kill 6 cats with its venom.
  13. Afghan hounds are the most dangerous dogs in the world.
  14. The calf of the baby species starts walking a few hours after birth.
  15. The tongue of a blue whale has the same weight as that of an elephant.
  16. Deer do not eat grass, because they cannot eat grass.
  17. The elephant can smell the water from 3 miles away.
  18. If you are afraid of animals then you will get zoophobia.
  19. This is the biggest thing, a whale’s heart beats only 9 times in 1 minute.
  20. When sick, the cat will have 3 eyelids.
  21. Every day 100 fishermen are killed by whales all over the world.
  22. First of all, an elephant was killed by the detonation of the bomb.
  23. If the woodpecker wants, it can become 20 times bigger than its size in 1 second.
  24. Hippos animals can walk faster than humans.
  25. A blue whale weighs more than about 30 elephants.
  26. A large ivory tusk weighs about 9 pounds.
  27. The most famous bird in North America is the turkey.
  28. If petrol falls on the scorpion, he will go mad and sting himself and die.
  29. The interesting thing is that animals do 30 times more waste (dung) than humans, if the average is applied, then it will be 1.4 billion in 1 year.
  30. The insect does not have a stomach.
  31. When the snail’s eye is damaged, another comes.
  32. Bats can eat up to 1,000 insects in an hour.
  33. You will not believe how strange it is because a butterfly has 12,000 thousand eyes.
  34. There are 60 million dogs in America.
  35. A mole can make a pole 300 feet long in one night.
  36. If the mouse is feeling very hungry and there is no food, it will eat its own tail.
  37. Sharks were born on earth before dinosaurs.
  38. Sharks can protect against cancer.
  39. Hippos sweat pink.
  40. Do you know that the swan has more than 25,015 feathers in its body.
  41. Starfish have 8 eyes.
  42. Half of the dolphin’s brain sleeps, if the whole is asleep, it will drown in water.
  43. A donkey can see its four legs at once.
  44. Goat and buffalo do not have upper teeth.
  45. Cats can feel when they hear the song.
  46. Tuna fish can swim continuously in water up to 40 miles in a day.
  47. The lifespan of a lion is 20 years and that of a cheetah is 12 to 13 years.
  48. 2 dogs were saved alive in the Titanic ship.
  49. The snake does not blink.
  50. People first started drinking goat’s milk. Meaning the first milch animal was goat.
  51. Gorillas digest 40 pounds of food in a day.
  52. Horses will not vomit if they eat some bad food or very bad food because horses cannot vomit.
  53. A fox can smell the Rakhi thing 30 meters away.
  54. When a giraffe is born, its height is up to 6 feet.
  55. The tongue of a large giraffe is 45 cm long and the tongue of the giraffe is blue.
  56. The tail of the kangaroo is always attached to the ground, which maintains its balance.
  57. If you have more greenery in your farm then imagine for once you have 50,000 spiders in one acre which will eat you.
  58. An ostrich can move around like a lion and run faster than a horse.
  59. Many turtles breathe through their butts.
  60. A tarsier’s eyes are as big as his brain.
  61. Crocodiles cannot stick out their tongues because their tongues are attached to the top of it.
  62. The Hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
  63. When a kangaroo is born, it is only about 1 inch in size.
  64. You do not know, but the heart of a crab living in the sea is in its skull.
  65. A large elephant or hathni can fill 5 to 6 liters of water in its trunk.
  66. Crocodiles swallow stones to go more down in the water, due to which its weight increases and it can go deeper.
  67. Lion does not fight with elephant and rhinoceros without any reason.
  68. Horses can sleep while standing.
  69. The sense of smell and hearing of a dog is 10 times greater than that of a human.
  70. When a big lion roars, the sound is heard for 7 to 8 kilometers.
  71. Lion mostly lives in grassy area.
  72. The mighty lion can jump 35 to 40 feet long.
  73. Monkeys eat bananas by removing the peel of the banana, just like a human!
  74. The name of the world’s largest monkey is male mandrill and the weight of that monkey is 35 kg.
  75. A bat can never run, it can only stick and fly because it has no legs.
  76. Goat can die from eating boiled rice.

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