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what is technology 

Technology is also known as technology in Hindi, and it has a big hand in our daily life because today it is not possible to move forward without technology.

Thus “Technology is the science which has been developed by man to make machine and all these kinds of innovations have been made to make people’s life easier..” In this post I am going to tell you all about holographic phone, jetpack, high power wireless charger, aero fax, two language earbuds.

1. Jetpack

You might have seen about the jet pack in the Iron Man and the suit that Iron Man uses in it is exactly the same as the Zpack, in that there are boosters in the hands in the legs and boosters behind the back. There are. So with the use of jet pack, a person can lift himself up in the air and travel here and there.

But now the time has come that from where the requirement of High Court application should be fulfilled for this, then the search is going on on this, it may happen in future.

 2. High power wireless charger

By saying Hi power, it is known that to what extent the high power charger will charge the phone, in recent times such chargers have come that charge your mobile immediately but they are not wireless yet, now the one that is to come It is time for wireless and it will be very beneficial for you here so that you can use the phone sitting anywhere and it will keep charging there.

For example, take the example of a room, if you are sitting at one corner of the room and your charger is on at another corner, then your mobile phone will continue to charge automatically, it will not need to be connected to anything or connected to a cable. With the advent of wireless charger.

 3. Aero fax

Aero fax will be such a vehicle to be used in the future that a person can operate it like a motorcycle and it will make travel even easier. Which will reduce the distance between people even more and people will reach from one place to another immediately.

 4.Two language earbuds

See friends, now the era is very fast and in today’s time no one has that much time to learn any language so that they can understand and learn that language well, so to make it easy our scientists It is being discovered that what medium is needed for people to understand another language and not to learn it, on this basis two language earbuds can be invented in future.

Here I have told you two language earbuds, this means that here there will be such an Airphone designed for your understanding between two languages, which will translate the language of the front into your language.

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